My name is Johanna Fond (Berglund), I´m a freelance photographer based in Stockholm but won´t hesitate to take assignments that carry me far away from the big city lights. I was raised in the Northern part of Sweden, in a small village called Svensbyn, located about 15 km from Piteå. I was born there in 1981. I'm interested in color, form, light and photography. I like people, nature, travel, food, music and movies. If you like my work don´t hesitate to give me a call!

I’m member in SFF, the Swedish Assocition of Professional Photographers. It is a non profit organization for professional Photographers. SFF was Founded 1895 and is the largest organization for professional photographers in Scandinavia. 


Master’s degree, Architectual Lighting Design, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology

Barchelor of Arts, Industrial and product Design, Linnaeus University